September 08, 2017

United Healthcare Come Loaded for Bear

The UHC Pro Cycling Team strikes fear into any domestic pro racing field and have certainly shown their abilities overseas on the rugged European circuit, as well as across the world. As the only American UCI Pro Continental team - a team level that qualifies them for Tour de France selection -  the boys in blue are very strong, fast and experienced which leads them to win lots and lots of races.

Road Captain Greg Henderson of New Zealand is one of the most experienced riders in the world, able to boast of successful berths on such teams as world number-one Team Sky, Lotto of Belgium and the sorely missed HTC team. Henderson has been a trusted pilotfish for some of the best sprinters in cycling, leading them in his big slipstream to the front of the races and, often, victory. Mark Cavendish and Andre Greipel have both been great beneficiaries of the Kiwi's power and skill.

UHC Pro Cycling is bringing two stellar American sprinters to Doylestown this year in Luke Keogh and Travis McCabe. The duo are both incredibly fast and backed up by Henderson, Colombian Carlos Alzate and Adrian Hegyvary. With Rally Cycling and Holoweski-Citdel both going ProConti next year, fans should look to these three powerhouse squads to dominate the festivities this Sunday. But all should watch for big Greg - he'll have a say in who wins on the streets of Doylestown on the 10th.