September 07, 2016

Racer Q&A: Jessica Mundy

We asked some of Sunday's racers a few questions to help you get to know them better. First to clip in is Fearless Femme Racing's Jessica Mundy.

Twitter: @JessicaMundy2
Instagram: Jessica_Mundy25

What was your first bike?

My first bike was a bright pink Barbie bike with tassels and of course a front basket to match.

What inspired you to become a professional bike racer?
I first was introduced to the sport through my small primary school, which only had 30 students in the Adelaide Hills (South Australia) at the age of 11. I just ended up really enjoying the sport and would often train with my sister. My family supported me with it although they had never been cyclist themselves at one stage I did try to do soccer, swimming, and cycling at the same time, which got a bit much so I made the decision to just stick with cycling and here I am today still loving it.

Describe the best thing about being a professional cyclist?
Pushing yourself to your limits to see how far it can take you and what level you can achieve. With that meeting new people, having new experiences, as well as traveling along the way.

Describe the worst thing about being a professional cyclist?
I would have to say crashes are definitely up there with one of the worst things that occur.

What do your friends and family think about your career as a pro cyclist?
It’s definitely a different life style racing tours and competitions, traveling from A to B, and living away from home at times. This is certainly alternative to what most of my friends do from day to day, but they think it’s an awesome experience and like following my progress and where it takes me.

What’s something most people don’t know about being a pro cyclist?
Cyclist tend to have a whole new vocabulary of words and phrases:

Hubbard = A cyclist that probably has chain grease on your legs helmet on side ways.

Chewing the stem = When your really on the revert and having a hard time.

What’s the one race or ride that is on your bucket list?
I have never raced in the spring classics so that would be pretty awesome to experience that type of racing with the different riding conditions at the start of the year in the European season.

Describe the funniest moment you’ve experienced in a bike race.
I would say I have funnier experiences when out training especially with friends and on bunch rides. Once we went out on a BMX track on our road bikes. I quietly stood there watching the guys go first before I decided to laugh myself, obviously not taking into consideration at all the steepness of the ramp, I didn’t have a chance to clip in and went flying in the air but most importantly managed to land it. Every one had turned around in time to witness me mid air and cracked up laughing and applauding once I halted to a stop. Lets just say it wasn’t my finest idea!

What should spectators expect to see in the criterium?
Criterium racing is action packed and the riders are constantly racing at high speeds.

Shaved legs or winter coat?
Silky smooth shaved legs for sure!