September 08, 2016

Racer Q&A: Cameron McPhaden

Get to know Cameron McPhaden and cheer him on this Sunday.

Twitter: @camcphaden

What was your first bike?
Specialized Allez Sport 2005

What inspired you to become a professional bike racer?
As unfortunate as it may be: Watching Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France each year.

Describe the best thing about being a professional cyclist?
Having great teammates who enjoy the same pain/gain lifestyle as you.

Describe the worst thing about being a professional cyclist?
Long commutes to race weekends.

What do your friends and family think about your career as a pro cyclist?
They definitely think it’s getting in the way of schooling.

What’s something most people don’t know about being a pro cyclist?
It’s really tough to make good money.

What’s the one race or ride that is on your bucket list?
6-Gaps ride in Vermont. It’s an epic that I haven’t been able to do yet.

Describe the funniest moment you’ve experienced in a race.
One of my teammates blew a snot rocket while taking a corner, didn’t readjust his trajectory to account for his rotating reference frame, and it hit another guy right in the face. He was mad, but the few of us who witnessed this were in tears from laughter.

What should spectators expect to see in the criterium?
The best cyclists in North America, going as fast as they possibly can, while giving you a great show.

Shaved legs or winter coat?
Built in leg-warmers are a nice help in winter training climates.