September 09, 2016

Racer Q&A: 2014 Bucks Classic Winner Amy Cutler

We played 10 questions with professional career juggler and pro cyclist Amy Cutler. Amy returns to the streets of Doylestown on Sunday to go for her second win on the tough criterium course. 

Team: Fearless Femme Racing
Twitter/Instagram: @alynncutler / @alynncutler
Palmares of Note:
2014 Doylestown Champion
Winner of over 50 races, while balancing a 50-80hr/wk career in Financial Services, and co-managing Fearless Femme Racing women's team

What was your first bike?
Big Wheel

What inspired you to become a professional bike racer?
Longevity of athletes within the sport. More specifically Laura Van Gilder

Describe the best thing about being a professional cyclist?
Eating. The ability to indulge in thousands of calories on big training days and still be at net neutral come day's end.

Describe the worst thing about being a professional cyclist?
High impact crashes. They may not happen often but can be quite painful and very expensive.

What do your friends and family think about your career as a pro cyclist?
As a lifetime athlete, friends and family are very understanding of my commitment to sport. It can however be difficult nonetheless, missing many loved ones' major lifetime events 

What’s something most people don’t know about being a pro cyclist?
Although professional cyclists frequently travel to new and exciting places, it is very difficult to appreciate the beauty of that scenery while in an oxygen deficit. Thankfully, racing in North America often involves staying in the homes of generous families building memorable relationships while we recover from a hard day's effort.

What’s the one race or ride that is on your bucket list?
Contending upwards of 76 races a year, there are few North American races I have yet to contend. One of the only North American races left on my bucket list is Gatineau.

Describe the funniest moment you’ve experienced in a race?
One of the best moments at a race was when teammates Jess Mundy and Lucy Bechtel joined a spectator for a spontaneous sidewalk dance party (video here:

What should spectators expect to see in the criterium?
Overtones of blistering fast and daring movements with subtleties of cerebral tactics and technical finesse

Shaved legs or winter coat?
Winter coat 😜