The Thompson Criterium of Doylestown was founded in 2004 as the second day of what was then the Univest Grand Prix. The first three editions of the Criterium were held on what is now the lower section of the current racecourse, before expanding in 2007 to the full course we have today. Univest Corp ended their sponsorship of the races in 2012 after a wonderful 14-year run as title sponsor, allowing the Thompson Organization step in and take over the title position. The Thompson race expanded to include an women’s race in 2014, and became a national race in 2016 as part of the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour.

The beautiful setting and giant, enthusiastic crowd, plus the extraordinary racecourse in Doylestown has attracted some of the best racing cyclists in the world for years, a tradition that is only growing stronger.




  • 2004Chad Hartley, USA

  • 2005Mike Friedman, USA

  • 2006Christian Lademann, Germany

  • 2007Mattia Gavazzi, Italy

  • 2008Yuri Metlushenko, Ukraine

  • 2009Yuri Metlushenko, Ukraine

  • 2010Johan Lindgren, Sweden

  • 2011Jesse Anthony, USA

  • 2012Eric Marcotte, USA

  • 2013Joseph Rosskopf, USA

  • 2014Shane Kline, USA

  • 2015Shane Kline, USA

  • 2016Eric Marcotte, USA

  • 2017Oscar Clark, USA

  • 2018Ty Magner, USA



  • 2014Amy Cutler, USA

  • 2015Lauretta Hanson, AUS

  • 2016Skylar Schneider, USA

  • 2017Samantha Schneider, USA

  • 2018Lilly Williams, USA



  • 2015Jacob Skrip, USA

  • 2016Jacob Skrip, USA

  • 2017Joe Ammon, USA

  • 2018Christoper Peltzer, USA